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Actuate, Inc.
Keywords analytics, eLearning, Captivate
Audience data analyst
  • Developed series of eLearning modules for Business Report Studio.
  • Based on full-day, instructor-led training course.
Keywords database, ODBC
Audience database administrator
  • Wrote original content for, and updated, the ODBC for Macintosh Developer's Guide.
Apteligent (VMware)
Keywords static sites, analytics, mobile, Sphinx, iOS, Android
Audience data analyst, technical support
  • Migrated entire customer documentation set to RST format and the Sphinx documentation build environment to enable crowdsourcing content with markdown.
  • Updated documentation for mobile app analytics.
Keywords search, recommendations, analytics, online shopping, template
Audience developer, web developer
  • Wrote Developer's Guide and created FrameMaker templates for JeevesOne 1.0.
  • Created comprehensive documentation set and Web-based online help for Jeeves Purchase Advisor 1.0.
Keywords geolocation, template, web services, Java
Audience developer, administrator, deployer, network administrator
  • Wrote Developer Guide for Buzzsaw Server Edition 5.0.
  • Wrote documentation update for LocationLogic 2.1, an infrastructure product for location-based services.
  • Updated and expanded LocationLogic 3 Developer's Installation Guide, Administrator Guide, and Deployment Guide. Updated Java API Training course materials and training environment for LocationLogic 4.
  • Extensively customized the department's WebWorks template.
  • Wrote the AutoCAD Network Administrator's Guide version 1.0.
Bank of America
Keywords finance, accounting, reporting
Audience financial analyst, accountant, data analyst, auditor
Service Developed division-wide, PC-based cost accounting system that aggregated and correlated downloaded mainframe financial data.
BEA Systems (Oracle)
Keywords messaging, infrastructure, Java
Audience developer, installer, administrator, integrator
  • Wrote Introducing Trading Partner Integration, Introducing WebLogic Adapters for WebLogic Integration, and WebLogic Workshop documentation for BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1.
  • Edited B2B tutorial and adapter documentation (SAP, MQSeries, and RDBMS adapters) for BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1.
  • Wrote Product Overview, Administration Guide, Deploying Liquid Data, and Invoking Queries Programmatically for BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic 1.0.
  • Wrote Designing WebLogic Integration Solutions and Deploying WebLogic Integration Solutions for WebLogic Integration 2.1.
  • Wrote Developer Guide and Javadoc for BEA WebLogic Collaborate 1.0.
Borland (Microfocus)
Keywords database, reporting, SQL
Audience developer, database administrator
  • Wrote main chapters for dBASE for Windows User's Guide 1.0.
  • Built online help module that cross-referenced features for users familiar with earlier dBASE versions.
  • Wrote the Network Administrator's Guide and Upgrade Guide for Paradox 3.0, Paradox SQL Link User's Guide 1.0, and portions of the Paradox Engine Guide 1.0.
ClearStory Data
Keywords big data, analytics, reporting
Audience data analysts
  • Developed tutorials and user documentation for visual business analytics product.
Keywords analytics, network administration
Audience network administrator
  • Created all user documentation for the CoroNet Management System 1.0, a suite of network remote monitoring (RMON) and graphical analysis tools for LANs and WANs.
Keywords big data, database, memcached
Audience database administrator
  • Created initial product documentation set for memcached and membase (“no SQL” database) products, including Getting Started, Overview, and Administration Guide.
Del Monte
Keywords database, adopter
Audience end users (plant personnel), quality control specialists
  • Managed development projects for distribution, operations and quality control applications.
  • Provided systems analysis, design, programming, and implementation support.
  • Created project, technical, user, and training documentation.
  • Developed custom multi-user applications.
Keywords elearning, instructor-led training, master data management, product data management, compliance
Audience data steward, study builder, data manager, clinical data manager, clinical operations partner
  • Developed eLearning training for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Consulted on Product Data Management (PDM), Master Data Management (MDM), and data governance initiatives for GMP compliance and Oliver Wight Class A recertification in supply chain operations.
  • Developed instructor-led training courses for study builders and clinical data managers who use Medidata electronic data capture (EDC) software for clinical trials.
  • Developed procurement eLearning module.
Keywords ETL, data integration, analytics
Audience developer, integrator, data administrator, data analyst, data steward
  • Wrote and updated the Siperian Hub Overview, Administrator’s Guide, Data Steward Guide, Metadata Manager Guide, and Implementer’s Guide for several product releases (1300+ pages).
  • Developed and maintained FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher templates.
  • Developed Template Guide and Style Guide to standardize team processes, tools, and best practices.
  • Created and delivered in-depth presentations on various technical topics to project team.
Jasper (Cisco)
Keywords mobile, infrastructure
Audience administrator
  • Developed product documentation for administrators of cellular plans and mobile devices.
Keywords big data, database, Sphinx
Audience database administrators
  • Developed content and streamlined documentation for real-time, highly scalable database.
Keywords anti-virus, security
Audience end users, network administrators
  • Completely revised the VirusScan User's Guide 2.0 for the first release of VirusScan for Windows.
  • Created Windows and DOS online help systems.
  • Wrote Using NetShield 2.0.
Keywords mobile, platform
Audience CTOs, architects, technology reviewers
  • Developed technical white papers and presentations for mobile computing platform product.
Keywords developer, Java, C++,
Audience developer, deployer, system integrator, administrator, CTO
  • Wrote the Intranet Deployment Guide for the Netscape SuiteSpot product line.
  • Created extensive API and programmer documentation for the Netscape Application Server (formerly the KIVA Enterprise Server SDK 1.0), a Java/C++ class library.
  • Created technical white paper on multi-tier, web-based application server technology.
  • Wrote the Netscape Application Server for R/3 Developer’s Guide 1.0 and Installation Guide.
  • Wrote the Installation Guide and revised the Programmer’s Guide (Java / C++) for the Netscape Extensions, which provide the web-enabling Universal Call Interface (UCI) API for creating applications that interact with back-end BEA TUXEDO, IBM MQSeries and CICS/IMS systems and run on the Netscape Application Server.
  • Wrote user and reference documentation for Netscape Application Server 4.0 for International Applications 1.0, which enables Java/C++ programmers to design and build international applications that run under the Netscape Application Server.
Keywords video, mobile, iOS, Android, content management, REST API, Java, JavaScript
Audience developer, administrator, content manager, integrator
  • Created developer, administrator, and end user documentation for all phases of Ooyala’s video-on-demand enterprise platform (ingest, transcoding, management, curation, playback, and analytics).
Keywords database, SQL
Audience developer, installer, database administrator
  • Created and updated installation, developer, and user documentation for Oracle for Stratus VOS platform.
Pacific Bell (AT&T)
Keywords adopter, collaborate
Audience business user, database administrator
  • Developed context-sensitive WinHelp systems, cue cards, and HTML pages for enterprise-wide, client/server applications developed in Visual Basic, HTML, and Delrina Forms.
Pacific Gas & Electric
Keywords adopter, collaborate, wide area network, database, SQL
Audience business user, emergency operations center, developer, database, administrator
  • Wrote training materials, management white papers, application development standards, online documentation, and newsletter articles for various groupware products, including Lotus Notes, email, and calendaring.
  • Edited and wrote portions of the Database Server Recommendations, Microsoft/Sybase SQL Server Cookbook, and Application Development Guidelines.
  • Delivered instructor-led training classes for groupware products in the Banyan VINES environment.
  • Created publications style guide.
Safeway Stores
Keywords adopter
Audience finance, database
  • Developed PC-based financial applications for construction management and facilities maintenance.
Keywords web services, SOAP
Audience developer, integrator engineering (internal), quality assurance (internal)
  • Wrote the sforce Web Services API Developer’s Guide for versions 2.0 – 5.0.
  • Wrote the sforce Office Toolkit Developer’s Guide for version 3.0.
  • Redesigned and edited internal wikis (Google Sites) for engineering and QA teams.
Sony Computer Entertainment
Keywords OpenGLES
Audience developer
  • Developed core API documentation (OpenGLES) for the PlayStation platform.
Sun Microsystems (Oracle)
Keywords security, virtualization, reference architecture, database
Audience CTO, developer, integrator, security, technology evaluator, architect, solution provider
  • Created and edited numerous reference architecture documents, Sun BluePrints, white papers, and sales collateral, including deploying Oracle 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC).
Keywords analytics, ETL, online analytical processing (OLAP), multi-dimensional dataset
Audience developer, system administrator, data analyst
  • Created developer-level online help (RoboHelp) for a sophisticated whole price management solution.
  • Designed and wrote comprehensive product documentation set (including installation, release notes, and implementation documentation for UI, data model, workflow, adapter, and profit analysis) for developers and system administrators.
  • Developed classroom training materials.
  • Assisted with outsourcing of technical documentation to vendor in India.
Keywords open source, container, cloud, virtualization, network, REST API
Audience developer, deployer, network administrator, integrator
  • Creating developer (including REST APIs), setup, and administrator documentation for cloud container management and network virtualization.
  • Products include VMware Pivotal Container Service 1.0, Photon OS 2.0, Distributed Network Encryption (NSX-T), and security partner SDK integration (NSX for vSphere).
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